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HBH Cleansing Trio+Cultivator

  • $75.00

Say Hello to your ✨ HBH Cleansing Trio+Cultivator✨

Sis, you have to add the conditioner! The conditioner takes everything you did in your shampoo process and 10x's it! The conditioner is one of the most important foundations for healthy, glowing hairstyles that last even when you walk outside! (We know-outside is the #1 enemy of black hair)

Our 3-part Shampoo System provides works best when you use them together! Our Nutrify Shampoodeep-cleansing & clarifying, preserves the hair's natural moisture. Then our Rejuve Shampoo comes in & works its magic below the scalp surface to heal giving your scalp improvement you can feel AND see immediatelyNuturize Shampoo reinvigorates dull and thinning hair, stimulating the scalp while detangling hairs.

Adding our Cultivator Conditioner effectively reduces tangles and knots while invigorating, nourishing, and healing your scalp!  We included ingredients like our HBH Elixir and Vitamin E oil to get the results you need in a conditioner. No matter your A,B,C curl pattern, Our Cultivator Conditioner provides your hair follicles with the moisture it requires for sustainability and strength.

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