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Nutri Hair Fertilizer

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The Nutri Hair Fertilizer is a potent blend designed to deeply hydrate hair from the inside out, ensuring every strand is filled with moisture. With the powerful fusion of horsetail extract, chamomile, sage, and other active ingredients, this formula leaves hair soft, nourished, and gleaming with a natural shine and long-lasting moisture. Beyond hydration, it masterfully tames dry, frizzy hair, without causing extreme shrinkage.

Although most moisturize focus on shrinking hair to achieve curls, we focused on creating moisturize that is great for adding prior to:

  • A braid-down for styling under wigs, sew-ins, and quick-weaves. 
  • Getting any braided extension style
  • Or, just looking to add back moisture when you're in between wash days. 

As an added benefit, the Nutri Hair Fertilizer effortlessly detangles while providing optimal conditioning, making your hair not just look good but feel luxuriously soft and restored.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Sherniece McFarland

Smells amazing and works wonder on my 2 year old hair. His hair tends to be dry but I notice since using this product his hair stays moisturized now.

4C Hair

I use this on my 3 year olds hair. He has thick 4c hair. We spray it with water and then use the fertilizer. It smells great, it’s easy to comb through his hair then we style it every morning. We love it!

Overall good product

I purchased the elixir and this in travel size. I have no complaints on how the product feels on my hair. Amazing! However the bottle for the travel size is extremely hard to squeeze and get the product out… and once my hands become greasy from applying the product once, it becomes almost impossible to squeeze more product out without first having to wash my hands to remove the residue. Outside of that, no complaints.

Hello! Thank you for your review! We are very pleased to know you loved your experience of our products on your hair. We appreciate your review of our travel size bottles.

As a response to this review, we are now providing pump style tops to all travel sized products. The difficulty of dispensing product is now eliminated. Thank you.


I love that it makes my hair feel soft, as I'm new to this natural hair thing and adapting to the different texture and feel of my hair....the Fertilizer has helped in that area.

Shonadrea Case
Shonadrea Case

Absolutely smells amazing this product left my hair so moisturized without any greasy buildup which is amazing