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Nutrify Shampoo

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Say goodbye to oily, lifeless locks with our Nutrify Shampoo! Our deep cleansing clarifying shampoo won't strip your hair of its natural oils! Instead, it'll use algae extract to remove buildup and excess sebum, while introducing beneficial nutrients to deeply condition. Going one step further, gingko improves circulation to the scalp, while stimulating regrowth and giving you luscious, bouncy hair with every shampoo.

Use it twice a month for the best results - for a deep cleanse that won't leave your feeling dry & brittle!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Best in the game

I purchased the complete shampoo line as well as the aloe-draytion and y’all thss es e products are not to be played with!!!
To me the aloe-draytion prepared my hair for wash day. It not only treated my hair prior to washing, but also de tangled my hair, and hair it feeling soft as butta!!!!

The shampoo system which j would have to go into more detail in a video left my hair feeling clean, for the first time in a long time and rejuvenated.

Thank you HBH professional ! I love it and cannot wait to try other products?

A clean without the dryness and roughness

Shampooing your hair can leave your hair stiff and rough but not this shampoo. This leaves it feeling soft but also very clean. This shampoo is not like the other cleansing shampoos.

Bridgette Williams
The best

I love how soft my hair feels. Have to say this is by far the best product I've ever use.

Sherniece McFarland

Smells so good, I been
Using this product for about 2 weeks now on my 2 year old. Nothing but good things so far from it smelling so good , to the softness it makes his hair feel.

Evonne Chester
Love it

I am so happy my stylist introduce me to this product. I use it on my 5 year old daughter also and she has really thick course hair omg...there is a difference in the texture. Also with my hair. I love it will forever use this brand.