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Cultivator Conditioner

  • $21.00

Say hello to the hair savior! 

Our Cultivator Conditioner is the life saver your hair strands have been waiting for. Reduce your hair tangles and knows.  Invigorate + nurture your scalp with the healing properties of our HBH Elixir and vitamin E oil.

Your conditioning treatments just got an upgrade!

Whether you are looking to enhance your curls or conquer the blow out, HBH Cultivator Conditioner adds sustainability and longevity to your style by infusing every hair strand with the moisture it needs to thrive. Our deeply conditioning formula consists of plant extracts and oils that you can feel immediately make a difference in your hair. with it's is rich, thick + creamy texture.

We were intentional. Healthy hair starts at the scalp. We purposefully crafted a treatment that would be nourishing to your strands and scalp at the same time. Plant extracts and the right oils were selected to work in together to boost antibacterial + anti-fungal properties. While at the same time, the combo heals + repairs your scalp while adding strength and shine to your hairs follicle.

We recommend using in your weekly to biweekly hair routine for optimal  moisture and the best results. 

benefits: increased blood circulation + scalp stimulation (moisturizing + conditioning). promotes hair growth and reduced scalp irritation.

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