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Nutri Hair Detangler

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The Nutri Hair Detangler is a daily moisturizing, detangler and leave-in conditioner that can be used as needed to provide light hydration to the hair. This light weight and super detangling moisturizer delivers volume, style retention, and major conditioning benefits.

Our formula of plant-based proteins provides essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that keeps hair looking healthy and resilient.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
I love!

I used the HBH Cleansing Trio+Cultivator and the leave-in to wash, blow dry, and flat iron my hair and I am in love. My hair turned out so soft and shiny. I was skeptical about using the leave-in conditioner because I thought it would weigh my hair down, but it’s so lightweight. Definitely my new wash day staple!

Love it !

This product was recommended to me by my hairstylists to use on me and my daughter’s hair and my very first time using it I loved it . You can literally feel the difference in our hair after the last wash normally our hair just seems dry but after using all 3 shampoos and conditioner our hair was really soft ! I’ll never use any other product thank you

Great product smells good

I love this stuff. It smells so good and makes my morning hair routine quick and easy. I’m currently in my big chop phase of my hair journey.

Wash Day Savior!

This product does what it’s tended to do, detangle! I used it and love it, the spray handle can be tricky with wet hands. This will be a staple of mine!

Krystal Jackson
My hair loves this!!!

This detangler is perfect for my dry hair! Because my hair tends to soak up moisture, my ends curl up tight and breaks off easily but this detangler minimizes shedding and creates the perfect “slip” for when I put my hair in twists. I don’t worry nearly as much about how much hair is left in the comb when using it!